Felice Giani introduces himself to visitors

Welcome to Palazzo Milzetti.

Felice Giani is the artist who creates the decorations of this Palace.

Born in Piemonte in San Sebastiano in Curone, he often travels for work reasons.

He is an artist in great demand and receives art commissions in many cities of Italy and also in Paris, but he always returns with great pleasure to Faenza.

Count Francesco Milzetti, the owner of the Palace, commissioned all the decorations to Giani and his trusted group of assistants and the structural work to the architect Giovanni Antonio Antolini.

Giani and Antolini work on the ambitious project, creating grandiose spaces full of symbolic meanings.

In each room the pictorial decoration is an interpretation of the taste and political ambitions of the Count.

The work done by Giani is considered by scholars as one of the most important moments in his career. Among the many aristocratic residences where the artist works, he leaves his heart in this building.