The pleasure of music and memory

Giani, a great music lover and musicist himself, creates a decoration with musical themes in this room. The octagonal environment is perfect for obtaining exceptional acoustics.

The figure in the center of the octagon is the Muse Euterpes, the one who gladdens people with songs, daughter of Zeus and Memory. The Muse plays the flute and is surrounded by musical instruments. In the eight tondos, the Geniuses of music accompany Euterpes’ melody.

In the score in front of her you can read the names of Giuseppe Sarti and Paolo Alberghi, two very famous musicians in Faenza at that time.

Giani is also passionate about drawing and considers this technique a fundamental phase in the development of his works of art. He listens to the song of the Muses to find inspiration and draws at any time of the day. With his drawings he has filled many notebooks, but for now we have only 17 of them.