The Gaze of Venus

In this room you can observe the courageous compositional solutions that characterize this Palace. The renovated quarters in their forms are elegant, functional and full of symbols.

These characteristics are well enhanced by the pictorial decoration, as you can see in the fake curtain on the vault of this room.

The tondo at the center of the vault represents the figure of Venus, elevated to the sky by the Hours and dominates the whole room.

The quarter in which we are now is the Count’s bedroom in his apartment as an unmarried man. It is no coincidence that Venus, the goddess of love, is represented right in the center of the ceiling.

Homer describes Venus as she emerges naked from the waters covered in soft foam:

…and the Hours with a golden diadem
welcomed her gladly; they clothed her in divine garments,
on her immortal head they placed a well-wrought crown.

During the execution of the works, Giani entrusts part of the decorations of this floor to his collaborators because his exceptional talent is used to create the complex decoration of the upper floor: this procedure was usual in the past, when the artist was a craftsman supported in his activities by a trusted group of helpers in a working group defined as a “bottega”, an atelier.

Giani considers his atelier as a group of friends and with them he shares ideas, earnings and carefree moments.