Ornamentalists, plasterers and furniture makers

In this room we find an example of the working methods of an artist’s atelier. Giani has left no trace here and his group of decorators, plasterers and furniture makers carry out the decorations. The workshop creates the amphorae, the crowns and the geometric motifs that surround the four seasons on the vault.

Like the seasons, there are also four collaborators who are parte of Giani’s working group:

Gaetano Bertolani is an ornamentalist, furniture maker and trusted assistant;
Antonio Trentanove is an incredible stucco master and modeller;
The brothers Francesco and Giovanni Battista Ballanti Graziani are very talented plasterers.

There are many other artists who work in the Palazzo. Giani, in fact, works surrounded by the best talents of his time. Some of them travel with him collaborating on numerous commissions in Palaces, villas and theaters around most of Italy.

The collaboration at Palazzo Milzetti is not the first where Giani works alongside his helpers. Previously, they had worked in Faenza on the decorations of the noble floor of Palazzo Laderchi.

Giani had met the noble Laderchi family in Rome and it was Achille, the youngest of the family, who had commissioned the Palace from him.