My labours

The painting in the center of the vault is not the same as it used to be: there was another painting, completely on the subject of this room, the Apotheosis of Hercules, his transformation from hero to divinity. One of the many owners who came after the Count sells it and replaces it with the painting we see today. The work is completely off topic and in the absence of the originally arranged framework, the hero’s exploits here are incomplete because they lack any ending.

In the succession of rooms, the Count imagines a journey that begins in the room of Apollo and ends with the story of Hercules. Hercules is for the generation of the Count the hero par excellence, as he had been for the princes of the Renaissance. For the Freemasons brotherhood, the hero embodies strength and wisdom, the ability to always choose the good when faced with a crossroads: all these virtues are necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve spiritual perfection.

The building had to be both a simple residence and a representation of the initiatory path just described.
As in the friezes of an ancient Greek temple, the depictions of Hercules with the lion and with the Hydra, the monster of Lernaean swamp, are a representation of this model. The theme of Hercules is certainly nothing new, you can also find it in the Astronomy Study of Palazzo Laderchi and in the gallery of Palazzo Gessi.

Hercules is the symbol with which the generation of Milzetti covers its aspirations.