Which of the loves?

At this point you will have a clear idea of who Count Francesco Milzetti was, how much ambition guided the search for his place in the world and how he was fascinated both by the themes of high literature and by the lightness of ancient fairy tales.

Cupids and winged genies are the protagonists of this room and of most of the decorations.
Giani cannot prevent himself from painting them, you will have noticed these figures scattered almost everywhere: they are engaged in playing instruments, raising torches or laurel wreaths, wearing garlands of flowers, dancing and wandering free in space.

Like the winged genies and the Cupids, the Count also moves freely among his many loves, to the point of making us wonder which one he prefers.

The Count’s life takes place elsewhere but his dream of love remaines engraved on these walls as well as his dream of Napoleonic glory.